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A match of karate girls who are fighting for the opportunity to be the best in the studio’s niche. Kira is a new fighter who can take on any man, Kerry has been the best fighter on numerous occasions. Who are you rooting for?

In this video: groin punches, ax kick, split punch, jiu jitsu, wrestling, cat fights, scorpion, mawashi, roundhouse kick
The video is 13:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 16$

2 reviews for KERRY VS KIRA

  1. Adrián

    I’m Fonta Kerry, and thanks to this video, I saw a new professional fighter like Kira. the video very cool conveys the karate atmosphere and the professionalism of the actresses.

  2. Jersey (verified owner)

    The actresses look great and the stage is nice. Kerry does very good in this performance. There a few moments where the people in the background can be heard but it isn’t too distracting.

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