Bloody revenge from Kerry

Bloody revenge from Kerry

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Bloody revenge from Kerry Karate fighter Kerry decided to avenge the boat, and came to the businessman who owns the car park. Violent fight , groin strikes , karate style strikes , kate , kicks to the head , blows from the rpzvlrot , beating the opponent , punches to the head and stomach . Feet on the face and domination over a businessman. The video is 13.00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS and 20photos.
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3 reviews for Bloody revenge from Kerry

  1. Amir

    this is how you need to shoot a video, it’s professional

  2. Stefan

    I want to see her in every video. she is a very skilled fighter, one of the best in your studio, she also has a good stretch, I like this girl a fighter

  3. Jo

    Kerry is a perfect fighter with a beautiful body, I like her punches and leg choke. I’m waiting for you to post my order on your website.

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