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Irina is a new fighter in the team, she has a black belt in karate, which is presented at the Olympic Games. She is a very professional fighter, and a beautiful girl who can compete with anyone.

Anastasia asked Irina to help with stretching, but when she saw that Irina had a worse stretch, she began to mock her, they want Anastasia could not even imagine how much it would hurt her later …
The video is 16:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 19$

3 reviews for ANASTASIA VS IRINA

  1. Roni

    The new actress is very professional in karate, I like her punches and how she looks in the frame. I want more videos of her

  2. Dianach

    Good video and editing, as always I buy a video with Anastasia, as I am her fan

  3. N.N. (verified owner)

    Irina is simply awesome. She is elegant and powerful. Her skills are strong and the way she use them is wonderful. I hope to watch her dominating her opponent in a new video.

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