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Agent Karina on a mission to kill a witness. She almost succeeds in completing the mission and hitting the target, as it suddenly happened …

This video has a lot of groin punches, grappling, boxing and mma, femdom, latex.

The video is 15:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS

You can buy for 18$

2 reviews for AGENT KARINA

  1. Иностранный агент (verified owner)

    Who wouldn’t want to see a beautiful young woman in latex and boots beat up a man? I adore this clip. I wish however that their were kicks to the face and head, but this in no way should diminish the enjoyment of this film.

  2. Max (verified owner)

    The video has full of blow kicks, its sad that so much of them looked so fake (at least to me).
    I bought some videos with Angel in the past, and she absolutely do low blows that looks more real.

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