Wrestling Angela and Valeria 🥊

Wrestling Angela and Valeria 🥊

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Wrestling Angela and Valeria 🥊
Valery came to the training and noticed that Devshuka did not want to train, but only took pictures of himself. He decides to show how to do it in the gym, and throws it on his shoulder and carries it to the ring to fight her. On each other, they practice wrestling moves and headshots. Angel makes chokes, but Valery was stronger.
Exciting wrestling moves , throws , punches to the head and stomach .

The video is 13:18 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS and 20 photos.
You can buy for 16 $

3 reviews for Wrestling Angela and Valeria 🥊

  1. doraemonxbox360 (verified owner)

    Very good video! There are hits, grabs, etc. This video contains fighting on both sides and it’s great

  2. ar9932737 (verified owner)

    Nice video!!, good grabs and selling moves, I hope more mixed wrestling.

  3. Mario

    Good video! Hope to see more mixed wrestling like this when it’s competitive with both the male and female beating each other good and with the guy winning a tough fight.

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