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After dealing with Angel, Kerry went to get information from Karina, who refused to talk and was severely beaten in the groin. Fighting a girl in a bikini, punching in the groin, axe, beating a girl, domination.
The video is 13:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 18$

5 reviews for SEXY FIGHTER 2

  1. Mshadows

    Shes super good and very beautiful but i could look at those ground and pound punches pov i dont know what happen there hahah she had perfect technique until those awkward punchs , i love this sute though cant wait to make a custom

  2. Carl

    There are a lot of blows in the groin in the video, I lbblb girls in bikinis who are beaten by a friend of drgua. In this video, one-sided domination and I like it too. Please more Kerry in your videos.

  3. William

    Great video with professionals, I like every part of the body of Karina and Kerry, they did a great job on this video, shoot more often in such locations, it’s already a little tired in the hall, and the fight at home will always be relevant. I also wanted to ask a question, is it possible to shoot such a video with Olga or Sahara? I think they would look great in a bikini

  4. Alex

    The sexiest video I’ve ever seen, shoot more in bikinis.

  5. David

    class I like the cast and their figures. groin punches are done as cool as possible, thank you for your work

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