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Новий боєць приїхав, щоб показати свою майстерність в боксі, вона дуже сильна і швидка, Сахара вміє перемагати і робить це професійно, щоб не пропустити жодного удару в її сторону. Анастасія тільки повернулася до тренувань, вона буде тренуватися, щоб помститися і взяти чемпіонський пояс. У цьому відео три раунди боксерського поєдинку , кроль , синці , побиття до нокауту .
Тривалість відео 23:00 хвилин 1080 HD 60FPS
Купити можна за 26$


  1. Carlos

    Hello. This video is my custom order. It also serves as the debut of a new girl fighter for the site and i was very happy with her, she played a perfect foil for the local diva Anastasia. This video perfected my idea for a one-sided beating ight video with Anastasia at the wring end of a beating. Anastasia, as usual, is fantastic in her performance. I beleive she is a perfect jobber and i think she is always at her best when being the loser of a fight. This video is a dream come true for me and as such i thank the Mixed Fight Girls team for realising it so well. And especially my eternal gratitude and thanks to the wonderful Anastasia.
    I hope you also have as much fun watching it as i did. Be well.

  2. Andre (verified owner)

    First of all, I loved it! I love a beatdown from a women to another women. I thought the actors played their roles well. Sahara looks like she has great boxing experience, her punches look brutal! I enjoyed watching her perform, great work Sahara! Anastasia is an expert at playing the jobber role, she does a great job taking a beating! I just love it when she plays that role. Keep up the good work!

  3. Carlos

    @Andre – Thank you for enjoying my custom video so much. While i order the for my pleasure, it’s always so satisfying to see others enjoy it too, if nothing else as appreciation for th effort put in making it by the Mioxed Fight team and the two very talented actress, Sahara and the diva Anastasia.

  4. Thomas

    you guys did a great job on this video, however, all videos with Anastasia will be good, she professionally did her job. Sahara is a new actress, I want to see her more on your site

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