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Fighter Angel has been preparing for this tournament for a very long time in order to win a cash prize. Anastasia prepared her for this fight, she helped Angel for a long time and trained her. Sahara is a new fighter who proved that she does not lose to anyone, she boldly took the victory for herself in all the fights. This fight was very hard for Angel, they both showed a good level of preparation. But only one can win…

Foot fetish , blows to the groin , a blow from the twine , a blow between the legs , blows to the face with a foot , an ax blow , a painful grip , blows to the bare stomach , blood and bruises .
The video is 20:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 26$

2 reviews for MONEY OR LIFE?

  1. Werner

    good video! a lot of cool shots, you are the only studio that shoots so professionally! i buy every groin punch video of yours

  2. Deasmhumhan

    I wonder if it’s worth the extra money for Anastasia to star in my order as a coach?

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