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Katerina came to the interview to get a job. The coach gave her the opportunity to show her fighting skills and show what she can do. He was surprised when Katerina started to beat him and show perfect kata. Katena’s legs are very sexy and cruel, she did not spare the coach’s face.

The video is 14:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 18$

2 reviews for KARATE KATERINA

  1. Wolfgang

    I would like to see more videos of a man against a girl. I am a fan of karate and foot fetish, I like this video, I want more videos like this on your site.

  2. Sven G

    Good fighter girl, but who is she? where can i find a video of her? I want to see all the films with her , how can I place an order for her ?

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