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Anastasia and Kerry met a year after their joint shooting, you have been waiting for a very long time and asking for this video.

Kerry was beaten up by a gang of assassins and when she woke up she was trying to remember what had happened. As soon as she regained her strength, Kerry wanted to take revenge on the youngest killer, Anastasia. When they met there was a very passionate fight, they beat each other until one of them won…

Kicks in the groin, kicks in the face, blows in the splits, blows with an ax, scorpion, mawashi, beating, and other blows …

The video is 19:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 25$

5 reviews for BRUTAL GIRLS

  1. ian (verified owner)

    10/10 Hot action. Perfect camera work and lighting. Intense action. Realistic fighting and reactions. Low blow fans will love this. Highly recommended! Maybe next time both girls wear tight pants. To see sexy bodies. Excited for next low blow production from Mixed Fight Girls.

  2. rangerian (verified owner)

    Best low blow action ever!

  3. Pablo

    One of the best videos, because there is a beautiful Anastastya! I really like the blows to the groin on this video, you have grown very cool as a studio!

  4. Tom

    the video is amazing, thanks for making cool low beats, the autumn actresses play their roles professionally, I’m waiting for the second part.

  5. Frank

    Carrie is a very professional actress, her emoji are always real and sexy. Anastasia, as always, does everything at the highest level! More face kicks and footfetish

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