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Sahara is an agent who wants to infiltrate the gang and find out all their dark deeds and crimes. But when she passes the last test to hit the Bundu, Sahara realizes that she does not have the strength to overcome the opponent and this is not a test at all, but the destruction of her back.

This video contains wrestling, male dominance, back breaking, strangulation, punches to the stomach and face
The video is 18:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 19$

2 reviews for BREAKED BACK

  1. joewrestlerfan

    Both actress and actor made a great wrestling performance here ! The guy really gives a hard time to Sahara and her reactions are perfect here !
    Hope to see more videos like that here and particularly with Sahara !

  2. Ciar

    Finally, you started releasing male-dominated videos. I have been waiting for this for a very long time, as your studio is one of the best in organizing shooting and bringing video to life!

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