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Ket does yoga, Anastasia came into her room and starts smoking, Ket can’t stand it and beats Anastasia’s head against the door, the girls start a fight. Split punch, leg choke, scissors, leg choke, foot fetish, head kicks, jump kick, wrestling, hitting with everyday objects.
The video is 15:00 minutes long 1080 HD 60FPS
You can buy for 18$

4 reviews for ANASTASIA VS KET

  1. Jack

    Anastasia is beautiful, I’m her fan!

  2. Mark

    Anastasia is the best actress, I love her splits, she is sexy. How can I contact you to make an order for Anastasia and two guys?

  3. Ni

    I always think that Anastasia will win, her legs are beautiful and they hit and choke very painfully.

  4. Allen

    Anastasia is beautiful, I want to express my admiration to the cameraman, she transfers blows perfectly. I like this video format, it seems more alive

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